August 14, 2016

Construction Materials


CMS international Group, Corp. in Miami exports a large selection of fine construction and building materials for any commercial or residential projects in the Caribbean. CMS is your premier building partner for Doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, building and construction fasteners from Simpson Strong Tie, electrical, lighting supplies, as well as full warehouse consolidation services. We carry Trex wood outdoor and Pro-Spec indoor tile and flooring products, Amico metal gating supplies, composite mesh solutions, fasteners, lighting equipment and installation supplies. We provide the best building and construction supplies including Lumber, Drywall from National Gypsum, USG and others, Siding, moulding and accents from companies like Cascade Wood Products, Tamco, Cellwood and others. Please take a look at our partners and suppliers, and see just how much we have to offer your residential or commercial construction project.

CMS products are versatile and durable yet, our mission goes beyond the supplying of required materials and extends to ensuring that proper installation and logistical efficiency is facilitated either through the manufacturers CMS chooses to carry or through CMS itself. CMS installation teams, outfitted with the necessary expertise or partnered with specialists from the manufacturer, consult with clients to certify proper installation specifications are followed as per the vendor’s instructions. CMS’ goal is to assist the client in getting what they require: a finished product.

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